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From its fantastic beach to the choice of eateries and activities, discover more of what Old Hunstanton has to offer.

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Old Hunstanton

This delightful, tranquil former fishing village, dating back to the 13th century, is nestled at the end of the iconic, fossil-rich, striped cliffs that separate Old Hunstanton from its younger and bigger sister, the Victorian seaside town of Hunstanton.

It also marks the start of a smattering of quaint flint and pantiled fishing villages that hug this beautiful stretch of the North-West Norfolk coast.

Old Hunstanton sits at the western end of the strip designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which runs round the coast eastwards, as far as Bacton.

And, unusually for the East coast, as Old Hunstanton faces West, it regularly bears witness to the most spectacular sunsets over the Wash.

Whether visiting for a taste of the quiet life, or more active pursuits, you'll find plenty here to keep you amused and entertained, well-fed and watered.
Where better to start than the beach?

Handy for the beach, walking along the coast, or into Hunstanton. Close to the Coasthopper bus stop too.

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Old Hunstanton beach


This stunning, soft, sandy beach, skirted by marram grass-tufted dunes has the shortest walk-in of any beach along this stretch of coast, with, unusually, no salt marshes to negotiate. 


From the striped chalk, sandstone and carrstone cliffs at the Hunstanton end, with its cluster of rock pools, huge stone beach boulders and wreck of the steam trawler, Sheraton, to the salt marshes that meet Holme beach at the other, this huge expanse of beach is a favourite location all-year-round for a variety of big sky seekers.


Family and dog-friendly, it's perfect for paddling, sandcastle-building, kite-flying, beach cricket, body boarding and picnics. Or simply lose yourself in a barefoot stroll; lungfuls of sea air, sand between your toes, huge skies, captivating light and an exhilarating sense of space.


Old Hunstanton beach is also a popular playground for thrill-seekers; wind and kite surfers, paragliders, paddle boarders and occasional horse riders. Then, of course, there's the native bird life. 

Nevertheless, particularly when the tide has disappeared to the horizon, it never feels crowded, and and you can always find your own secluded spot. 


While it’s unlikely you’ll be completely alone or first on the beach (there always seem to be fresh footprints in the sand, no matter how early), it’s also ideal for capturing a sense of stillness and tranquility.

Like a Gormley installation, a solitary man observes a red kite on Old Hunstanton beach.jpeg


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